Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's October, one of the most "fun" months of the year!
Our children are discussing the Halloween costumes they will be wearing for Trick-or-Treat on the 31st.
I enjoy the fall colors and decorations. 

The photo above is from the Collectible Teapot  and Tea 2011 Calendar. 
If you look closely at the photo, you will see the Star Jars' wicked witch teapot.
This teapot belongs to a friend, tea lady extraordinaire, and teapot collector, Eve,
who shipped it off to Workman Publishing for the photo shoot early last year. 
How exciting to "know" a teapot star, and Eve too, of course!   

Thank you Eve for calling me yesterday to check on my shoulder.  I am progressing according to the doctor's schedule and am out of the sling and driving. 


parTea lady said...

The boys are also busy trying to decide what their costume will be.

I'll need to put my Collectible Teapot calendar on display. That "witch" is quite a teapot.

Glad you are recovering well and back to driving.

Ellen said...

What an awesome teapot. It was displayed so perfectly in this calendar spread. Sweet
Happy Fall

Angela McRae said...

How funny that I have this very calendar hanging near my desk at the office, but I didn't really notice the teapot until you pointed it out. Thanks! (And I'm glad to hear you are mobile again! I'll bet you're quite happy about that!)

Marilyn said...

How fun to have Eve's teapot picture shining above my desk this month also.


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