Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Store-Bought" Scones

A couple of tea friends told me about "pull-apart" scones from the grocery store.
I've been looking for for several weeks.
While shopping at our local WalMart, I found these Barista Baking Company™ "Break and Bake" Scones.
There were two flavors to choose from, Almond and Chocolate Chip.
I purchased a package of the almond flavored scones to bake at home. 
I baked and taste-tested them last night.

These are NOT sweet and frosted like the cake-textured two bite scones found in most grocery stores.
They were "ok" but, keep in mind I am very critical of scones.  They would have been much better if I had clotted or Devonshire cream and curd or preserves to eat with them!

However, in my opinion, you can't beat the taste of fresh, home baked English scones. 

Comment added later, thanks to Ruth's question:
These were in the refrigerated section near the canned biscuits and regrigerated cookies.


Antiques And Teacups said...

I agree with home made. Were they in the freezer section? I'd like to try them as well. Might be nice to have them on hand for unexpected company.

Angela McRae said...

These sound interesting and worth a try. Thanks for the review!

Marilyn said...

Fascinating! I think I would prefer the homemade ones too, but I would be curious to try them if I came across them in the market.

Marie said...

The best scones I have ever had were in Ireland, of course. But, I have tried a couple of mixes here at home, when I got an urge to relive the experience! I also loved the Irish Soda Bread and sometimes you can find that in bakeries. Thanks for the info on the "store-bought" varieties of scones.

Joyce said...

Amazingly, my friend Marsha and I who are terrible critical of scones as well loved them. I brought a package of them and we made them fresh at her home a couple of weeks ago. We did have fresh "lemon curd" with ours so that probably helped.


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