Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Afternoon Tea Books

I have over 250 books about tea in my "Tea Library."
Many of the books above have been purchased at tea rooms I have visited across the USA.

I chose and purchased many of the books and...

some were given to me as gifts. 
Therefore, you will see a few duplicates on my book shelves.

My collection of children's tea books are on the shelf above. 
I enjoyed reading many of these to the grandchildren over the years.

I have tea devotional books, tea inspirational books and tiny tea books.
I also have another 1 1/2 shelves of British tea guide books, and a various assortment of other tea books.

When I need to plan an afternoon tea menu, I turn to many of these books for inspiration and menu ideas. 
I recently promised a new tea friend I would send her a list of my favorite and most helpful tea "how-to" books. 
Oh my!  Where do I begin? 

I feel a series of tea book posts coming...

I will begin with —

"The Book of Afternoon Tea"
by Lesley Mackley

My copy was printed in 1992 by HP Books (there is a newer version)
The photography by Jon Stewart is outstanding.
I really like the simple, basic and helpful  "how-to" photos and instructions to the recipes in this book.
In addition to the selection of recipes, there is a brief history
of Afternoon Tea and directions on "making a good cup of tea." 


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