Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Teacup Tote

After the discussion from the special and unique teacup tote yesterday, I decided to show this one.

This teacup tote was purchased from Sweet Necessi-Teas and includes a napkin to match.
Directions say: Insert saucer in the tote.  Place padded liner (included) on top of saucer.  Place teacup right side up on top of the liner.  Tuck napkin so the lace shows.  Pull drawstring to close. 
This tote resembles a pretty Victorian-style draw string purse. 
For a different style teacup tote, go to Marilyn Miller's
Marmalady's Teas website. 
Marilyn sells the pattern for her design. 
Marilyn and I have been tea friends for several years.
Her blog, Delights of the Heart is on my sidebar as one of my favorites. 

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