Sunday, March 13, 2011

Surprise Birthday Tea Party at Greentree Tearoom

Surprise Tea Party at Greentree Tearoom in Lexington
Alice, Linda, Mary, Lynn, Patty, and Melissa (L to R)

My daughter, Melissa, announced to the world on Facebook and her blog,
I celebrated my 60th birthday on Friday. 

Melissa, (above)  planned and executed this special birthday surprise for me!
I don't recall ever having been surprised about anything in my 60 years! 
Someone always slips up and drops a clue, but not this time!!
How did it happen???
First, of all, Melissa did not tell GJ or AJ anything about this event!
She knew they can't keep a secret from me. *smile*

Lynn (above) who does not have a devious bone in her body,
followed Melissa's instructions (including a script) and  invited me to Greentree Tearoom to celebrate my birthday. 
She insisted we have a special  birthday celebration tea for just the two of us, AND she would drive.
Lynn never drives.  I always drive.
I just assumed she was being extra thoughtful because of my shoulder surgery...

Patty, Alice and Mary were in on the surprise!

Patty dropped by my house on Thursday with my gift because "she knew our family was to depart for Cincinnati early Friday afternoon."
Alice sent me "Happy Birthday" greetings on Facebook Friday morning as did many other FB friends.
Mary did not return my call on Thursday, which was very unusual, but it was because she was afraid she would spill the beans.  I learned these ladies had been in on the plans since January!
And believe me!  I was surprised! 

I love to go to luncheon tea at Greentree, especially during the month of March.

Rob and Casey at Greentree presented a lovely tea menu.  We began with Potato-Leek Soup. 
Darjeeling tea is being served during March.

The next course was a delicious Irish Oatmeal Scone served with
Blackberry Jam and Fayette Cream
Followed by a Hot Brownette
a miniature version of the famous Kentucky Hot Brown

The last two courses at Greentree are served on the round buffet table and included 
Parsleyed Sushi Balls
Benedictine Sandwiches
Pesto Chicken Sandwiches
Pistachio Cake
Grasshopper Cream
and Shamrock Iced Cookies  

Melissa made beaded bookmarks and presented them in little gift bags at each guest's place. 

It was a most amazing tea party! 
Thank you to Melissa and dear friends Lynn, Patty, Alice and Mary! 

The  was only the beginning of a very fun and action-packed birthday weekend. 
More exciting posts to come about our weekend in Cincinnati.

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