Monday, April 18, 2011

Lookout Mountain — Rock City and Ruby Falls

When I was a child, I remember seeing many barns and bird houses across the southeastern U.S.A. 
 painted with the words "See Rock City." 
As we traveled from Kentucky to Florida each summer to visit our aunt and uncle,
my brother and I begged our parents to stop and visit Rock City on top or Lookout Mountain, Georgia. 
Indeed, I have memories of visiting Rock City as a child!
Therefore, GJ, the hubby, and I concluded visiting Rock City was a must
with our AJ and Princess KJ while we were in Chattanooga!

They claim we can see 7 states from this view at Rock City on Lookout Mountain.

We visited on a beautiful, clear day.  If it is possible to see seven states, we did.

The amazing rock formations and the swinging bridge were the same from my memories.
The "See Rock City" birdhouse and little birdies in the photo below were slightly different from my memories!

On to Ruby Falls, also on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee.
The walk through this underground cave is full of scenic beauty.

The view of the spectacular massive underground waterfalls is well worth the walk.
There had been a thunderstorm and large amount of rain the night before our visit
which made the falls even more spectacular.

My adventurous family took the breezy, wet walk behind the falls.

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