Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royal Worcester Francesca China

I purchased the first pieces of my Royal Worcester China in the Francesca pattern on a trip to England in 1998.
I debated for a long time in the shop at the factory in Worcester while GJ, the hubby, stood patiently waiting.
Since that purchase, I admit I've questioned myself many times as to why I chose this pattern with the Gothic-style teapot instead of the traditional English round teapot.  I think back on my choices and recall that I chose this particular pattern because of the blue and gold trim thinking it would go with various holiday decor, including Christmas as opposed to a pastel floral or the other options at the time. 
The pattern is discontinued, but fortunately, I have been able to add to the set over the years. 

I used this china in 2008 and 2010 at Tea Time with Berea Health Ministry. 
My table theme in 2010 was Tea By The Sea

For my 2008 table theme, the Royal Worcester china determined my theme.
I knew I wanted the theme to be "royal something" and went with the Queen's Golden Jubilee Tea.

I have finally become comfortable with the Royal Worcester Francesca pattern as it is adaptable to various table decor. 

Too bad Royal Worcester no longer makes china in England...


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