Friday, June 3, 2011

Miss Julia Book Series

I love the Miss Julia series of books by North Carolina author Ann B. Ross.
I just finished reading Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle, the most recent book in the series.

I have read all of them beginning with the first, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind.

The Miss Julia books take place in the fictional town of Abbotsville, NC,
which in my opinion, is very similar to the author's home of Hendersonville near Asheville.

Miss Julia, an upstanding lady in the community,
finds herself in all sorts of interesting and funny situations and complications.
I have laughed through the entire series and can't wait for the next one to be released in 2012.
Ann B. Ross's Miss Julia and surrounding characters remind me so much of
ladies around my home town here in Kentucky.
The author uses so many phrases and sayings that I heard my mother and aunts used and that I never hear any more.
I have been sharing my books with a friend who has been sharing with her daughter and niece.
We have all been laughing together!
Although the books are written so that you don't have to beging with the first in the series, I suggest you start with that one.


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