Friday, June 17, 2011

The Loveless Motel and Cafe — Nashville

Years ago during travels, we began seeking out off the beaten path local restaurants to visit. 
The hubby, GJ, has taken us to many interesting places.
While in Nashville last week, we went to the Loveless Cafe for lunch.
They have breakfast and supper on the menu. Our meal was from the "supper" menu.  
The Loveless Cafe has been featured in many publications and TV.  They are famous for their home style cooking,
especially their, fried chicken, country ham and pork bar-b-que. 
Fortunately, I called ahead on Sunday before arriving to put our name on the list.
Otherwise, there would have been a 1 1/2 hour wait. 

The Loveless Cafe is well-known for their made from scratch biscuits and jams. 
The Banana Pudding was a must have, as it reminded me of my mother's homemade banana pudding.

The Loveless Cafe, located on Highway 100, Nashville, TN, at the entrance of the Natchez Trace
is frequented by celebrities, travelers and locals. 
It ceased to be a motel many years ago.

They have an online store at this link.

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