Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Mishap in Los Angeles

This is the culprit in Los Angeles which caused my broken shoulder!

No, not the gorgeous yellow Ferrari.
It was the little curb behind it!

I took this photo with AJ and the Ferrari on Sunday morning.
Monday evening the Ferrari was gone, but the curb was still there....

I missed the step off it, turned my left ankle, fell forward, caught on my knees and hands
to prevent myself from smashing my face.
I knew immediately something was wrong with my right arm and shoulder!

Yes, I am right handed, and yes it is the same shoulder where I had rotator cuff surgery in November! 
After several hours in a downtown LA hospital ER, I was diagnosed with a fractured humerus. 
We caught the first flight home Tuesday and luckily saw my orthopedic surgeon Wednesday.
The good news is --  no surgery for now! 
I will go back for x-rays  a couple of times to see if it will heal without surgery.
The moral of this story is:
Don't text and walk!
OK, I wasn't texting, but I was looking at my phone, and not where I was walking.
My two guys were on either side of me and it happened so quickly!! 

Sadly, we had to cut our trip short by two days.

My blogging will be very sporadic during this six-week+ healing process. 
I will post some of our photos of the trip when I can.
Unfortunately, no fancy afternoon teas are on my calendar for the near future.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.


Teacup Thursday — A Vintage Duchess Teacup

I love teacups with pink roses on them, so I just couldn't pass up this pretty Duchess Bone China teacup.
It is the second of two teacups I purchased in Hilton Head Island, SC while on our family vacation.

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