Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank You to Family, Friends and Neighbors!

Thank you to friends, family and neighbors for the beautiful flowers, cards, books, TEA,

library books, homegrown vegetables and delicious homemade food. 

Everyone has been so kind and helpful as I learn to deal with my broken right shoulder,
including my three special helpers below who know sometimes it's important for the patient to have quiet time.
They have also been great at carrying things, opening doors, helping me in and out of the recliner and more! 

The good news is my pain is improving! 
The doctor told me the first three weeks would be the most painful.
It will be three weeks on Monday. 

But, you can't keep this Tea Lady down for long -- I am planning to travel again in October!   

By the way, the photo above is of our good neighbor Gin's yummy homemade pizza bread.
She also brought a loaf of sourdough bread a few days later. 
She knows I love her bread, and she baked it in this awful, hot, humid summer weather for me.
Thanks, Gin!  


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