Friday, August 12, 2011

My Mishap in Los Angeles in a Cartoon!

Thursday was the first day of school for AJ. 
The assignment in art class was to draw a cartoon about something that happened during summer vacation.
I found this drawing of our Los Angeles trip/experience in his backpack. 
He didn't intend to show it to me, but I love it! I thought it was just too funny!   
(and very accurate)

Update from my orthopedic appointment yesterday:
The sling stays on for at least 4 more weeks.
I go back for x-rays and they will determine at that time if I need surgery.
Not what I wanted to hear!
The moral of the story is:  Pay attention to where you are walking and not your phone
OR - don't fall and break your shoulder!

By the way, I always take AJ's photo the first day of school.
Today he told me whatever I do, not to put it on Facebook.
He didn't say I couldn't post it on my blog!   *smile*

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