Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant Chicken Salad

My daughter, Melissa, at recently asked for my chicken salad recipe.
I searched through my recipe basket for the newspaper clipping from many years ago and couldn't find it.
I have made it so many times that I just make it to taste without measured ingredients.
Over the years, I have given my daughters several of my favorite recipes, and they claim their versions never taste like mine.  I'm sure it's because I add a bit of this and that until it tastes to suit me. 

So, I sent Melissa the Applewood Farmhouse Recipe for Chicken salad.  It is very similar to my recipe except that I put finely chopped celery in my chicken salad.   Melissa's DH, Tim, doesn't like celery, so I thought this version would please him. She made it and this is her photo above. 
I have mentioned several times on this blog the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant in Sevierville, TN is one of our favorite restaurants in the Smoky Mountain National Park area.

Go go to Melissa's website,  Stockpiling Moms at this link
for a printable recipe. 
Melissa has several of our family favorite recipes on

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