Friday, October 21, 2011

Breakfast at Windy Corner Market and Restaurant

Windy Corner Market and Restaurant is located in rural Fayette County, Kentucky amid beautiful horse farms.
A friend, Linda B., told me about Windy Corner this summer, and this was my first opportunity to go.
Mary and I drove down the two lane Bryan Station Road through beautiful horse country on the out-skirts of Lexington,
 the "Horse Capital of the World", to enjoy a late breakfast of country ham, eggs, home fried potatoes, cheese grits, and a biscuit with butter and honey. Yum — a great Kentucky breakfast!

Decorated horse statues are located around Lexington.
I don't know the title of the one below, but it has historic scenes of the Lexington area painted on it.

 A partial menu is on the chalk board behind the counter where you place your order.
 The interior is decorated with local horse farm jockey silks around the casual dining room.
There are ladders in the photo below because the screened porch is being made into an all-weather dining room.
They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a variety of bakery items, ice cream and Kentucky products available.
What a fun place!

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