Monday, November 14, 2011

Library Tea Program

 I presented two-hour tea programs at branches of of the Madison County Public Library. 
The two room and kitchen set-ups were different. 
There was an electrical problem at the first one on November 5th at the Berea branch and I could only heat on 6-cup electric tea kettle at a time. 
The power situation was the same at the Richmond branch on November 12th, but fortunately, we were prepared and used extension cords connected in the hallways outside the community room to be able to use all three of my 6-cup Capresso electric tea kettles. 

I discussed how tea gets from the plantation to the cup and demonstrated proper brewing methods of black, green, oolong and white teas.  Everyone sampled these four types of tea. I disused the difference between afternoon tea, royal tea, high tea and cream tea.  And, we served a cream tea  ( a pot of tea served with scones,  mock Devonshire cream, and lemon curd.)

I could not have presented the programs, brewed and served multiple pots of tea and the food without the help
 of my great friends, Patty and Lynn.

The aprons are mine, their outfits of red sweaters and black pants were not planned. 
Gotta love these gals!!

Thank you to Christina at the Madison County Public Library for inviting me to present the tea programs,
and thank you to the ladies and 3 gentlemen who attended. 

(visit my post from November 11th to read a little of the "tea education" I presented.

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