Monday, December 12, 2011

Tea Themed Christmas Tree

This year we set-up our tea-themed Christmas tree in the window in our "tea room"
 so that our neighbor across the street could enjoy seeing the lights.

These are a few of my favorite ornaments, purchased while traveling.  

My tea tree has grown from a 3-foot tree  to a 5-foot tree as the ornament collection grew.

Do you have a themed Christmas tree? 
AJ has a soccer tree in his bedroom. 
Our tree at the farm house is decorated with angel ornaments.
Do you have multiple trees in your home?
A few years ago a friend had 18 trees up during the Christmas season.  They were all themed.
There were a few large trees and many small ones.  She had a sewing tree in her sewing room,
a kitchen tree in the kitchen, and more.  Needlsess to say, she no longer has the time or energy to
decorate all those trees.


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