Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Orleans Rose Teacups

While looking around a favorite consignment shop in Lexington last week,
I found this Royal Standard English Bone China teacup marked Orleans Rose.
It was marked 20% off the $7.50 price. 
I purchased it knowing I had a matching Orleans Rose at home.

I was surprised when I arrived home to discover although the teacups are marked the same,
the shape and design are different.

My question for the teacup experts out there -- is the rounded, wider, cup on the left a teacup,
 and the taller, narrow cup on the right considered to be a coffee cup?

I believe I read that someplace, but I can't remember where? 
Or, is it the just the opposite? 
If you have a resource explaining the different in the shapes of teacups/coffee cups,
I would appreciate knowing where it is. 


Steph said...

Good question, Linda! I'm eager to hear the answer.

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2012 said...

Either way, they're both beautiful! I love anything with pink roses. :)

racheld said...

Linda, I seem to remember that the "shorter,wider" is the teacup, for the heat factor, as the tea was almost always "just off the boil." And the release of the tea's varied fragrances is also a factor in cup-shap, I believe.

Your two seem to be inside-out mirrors of each other in pattern, from what I can see in the picture. My own set is the coffeecup.

relevanttealeaf said...

Interesting question and answer. I learned something new today! Both cups and saucers are lovely!

Angela McRae said...

First, let me just say what a BARGAIN you got! (A cyber high five is headed your way!) And indeed, it's quite interesting to note the same design and yet different shapes. Fun find!


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