Friday, April 13, 2012

Tea and Cookies

My favorite cookies at the Historic Charleston City Market
It is a "must" for me to purchase a container to bring home.
We have been home for over a week and I have been rationing out two or three of these
rich delights at a time to enjoy with my Harney and Sons Queen Catherine black tea blend.


racheld said...

Between Mona's gorgeous lime cupcake today, and these lemony treats, I'm craving a citrus dessert! They DO call for a good plain black tea, don't they?

You know, last year when you said you'd enjoyed some peach iced tea, I wanted to try some. You'd made yours from Harney's, I believe, but I just put two family-sized Luzianne bags into the big teapot, some Sweet&Low into a big pitcher with filter-water and filled it with ice. I poured in half the hot tea, then put a little packet of Crystal Light Peach/Mango mix into the remaining hot tea to dissolve. Poured that into the pitcher, and it was some of the most delicious iced tea we've ever tasted.

I've made a pitcher every day since. Don't you just adore the sound of frosty tea and ice slooshing into a tall glass?


relevanttealeaf said...

Your lemon cooler tea cookies look yummy, Linda. Tea and cookies are a perfect match!

Patsy said...

Got to love tea and cookies.

Marlena said...

We had a little gift shop in my last town that carried these - soooooooo gooooood.Yes, rationing. I do that with some of my favorite chocolates - one a day.

Nelleke Klooster said...

Well they seem to me very nice
only problem is I really lust all

Marilyn said...

Those cookies do sound good. I love anything lemon with tea. What a treat!

Angela McRae said...

Your lemon cookies sound yummy and remind me of Savannah's Byrd Cookie Company lime cooler cookies. Wish I had some right now!


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