Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Tea Book Giveaway

 For this giveaway, I am including two small paperback tea books from my bookshelf. 
 I have duplicates of these books given to me as gifts from friends and family.   
 The first one is AN INVITATION TO TEA
a small paperback 1996 book by Emilie Barnes with art by Sandy Lynam Clough.
It is a guide to "special celebrations with treasured friends",
and includes many recipes and helpful tea party tips.
The second book is The Book of TEA, a small teacup-shaped 1995 paperback
full of recipes and helpful tea facts and tips.

As always, I will include samples of various teas with the package. 

Please leave a comment by midnight, Thursday, May 31st to enter this drawing. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
If you don't have an email address on your blog, or if I don't know how to contact you,
to prevent spam, please leave your address in the following format:
linda at wherever dot com

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chelseas Tea Room Lunch

On our last day in Asheville, while shopping and antiquing, 
we planned to have lunch at the Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore Village but they had an electrical problem and were closed.  As result, Chelseas and the Village Tea Room, just across the street where we had afternoon tea two days before,  was hopping with customers.  We enjoyed lunch in the tea room.  I ordered the Chelseas Sampler which included  the quiche of the day topped with chutney, seasonal fruit, tarragon chicken salad, dill pasta salad and mini muffins. 
We skipped the tempting desserts and later enjoyed sweets
 at the Woolworth Soda Fountain downtown.  
Asheville, NC is a great place for a "Girlfriend Getaway" 
or in our case, a "Tea Friends Gathering"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Vintage Royal Standard Teacup

My dear friend Lynn purchased this beautiful vintage English Royal Standard Teacup
while we were antiquing in Asheville. 
She knows I love pastel spring flowers and I love teacups.
What a perfect combination! 
The gold trim on the foot, handle and rim is just enough,
and not overpowering. 
This is a special treasure from a special friend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tea Time Sleepwear

WalMart has impressed me this spring with their variety of teapot sleepwear.
Thus far, I have found two different teapot patterned fabrics of PJ's and one
teapot night shirt. 
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Royal Worcester Teacup Trio

I purchased this Royal Worcester teacup and saucer trio
in  the Mansfield-Blue pattern at the huge Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC
earlier this month. 
I saw the "made in England" and grabbed the cup and saucer. 
My friend Lynn kept insisting there were plates under a stack of matching bowls. 
We went back and she was right!
Wow!  Another trio to add to my collection!
I was thrilled because we have been to Worcester several times and purchased Worcester at the factory.  The price was fantastic compared to online prices. 
Hmmm..... I'm wondering if the savings is worth the cost of another trip to purchase
the other matching trio I didn't purchase that day.   
Anyone want to travel along?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Special Tea Gifts from Special Tea Friends

Thank you to Phyllis and Sandy
for these beautiful pieces of Sandy Lynam Claugh® tea ware.
I love the lovely floral artwork.
And, thank you for the Fortnum and Mason Breakfast Tea
and the La Perruche sugar cubes.
Phyllis and Sandy, you are welcome to visit our home any time
 as you are travel south.

We shared such a pleasant week of tea and travel to Asheville,
making memories to cherish forever. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

May Lunch Tea at Greentree Tea Room

Mary and I had lunch tea at Greentree Tea Room in Lexington on Wednesday.
If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that Greentree changes their menu monthly.
They are open February - December each year.
For several years, Mary and I have said we would have lunch tea there monthly
so that we could enjoy the entire year of menu selections. 
Several conflicts have prevented us from following through with that plan.
Thus far this year, we have managed to visit one time each month, February - May.
The summer may be a challenge, but we will try our best to
continue visiting each month through 2012. 

The May Menu:
Strawberry Soup 
Cream Scone served with Fayette Cream and Lemon Curd
Asparagus Crepe
with Mornay Sauce
Tea Sandwiches:
Greentree Classic Vegetable Cream Cheese
Cucumber Dill
Warm Shrimp with Melted Cheese

Desserts Included:
Chocolate Pots de Creme
Greentree Filled French Wafers
Coconut Cupcakes
Spring Blend
As you can imagine, Mary and I talked non-stop over this tea table,
and enjoyed many cups of tea.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Successful Shopping

I successfully added a "few" pieces to my collection of
Sandwich Pattern Glass collection on my recent trip to Asheville, NC
with tea friends.
Perhaps I have completed my collection?
I have all the pieces I need for serving afternoon tea or a nice luncheon. 
Is there such a thing as completing a collection?  

Note:  Asheville, NC is a great place to go "antiquing." 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas New Shop

Anyone who follows Elmwood Inn Fine Teas on Facebook, knows they just announced the grand opening of a new Retail/Wholesale Shop in historic Danville, KY.
Fortunately for me, Danville is located a little less than an hour from my home.
Bruce, Shelley and Ben Richardson were in the shop when I visited last Wednesday.
I enjoyed my visit with the Richardsons,  and of course a little tea shopping.
The tea shop is beautifully decorated with Bruce Richardson's beautiful and impressive tea photography, and is stocked with a great  selection of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, tea books, teacups, teapots, and tea equipment.
The tea tasting bar where the Blueberry Fruit Infustion was ready for tasting.

Bruce Richardson behind the counter.
Congratulations to the Richardson Family on the grand opening of this beautiful facility!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Japanese Sister Region Visit

Madison County, Kentucky and Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
have a unique Sister Region program. 
This year the group is celebrating the 25th year of the program.
Each year, the Japanese Delegation visits Kentucky in May,
and the Kentucky Delegation visits Japan in October.
For the last umpteen years, GJ, AJ and I hosted the Madison County Committee and the Japanese Delegation at a Welcome Reception on the day of arrival.
This year they arrived Tuesday, May 8 and departed Saturday, May 12.
This reception and dinner took place at the Berea office of Delta Natural Gas.
The Kentucky hosts and Japanese delegates introduce themselves and tell a bit about their connection to the program. 
Wednesday was spent visiting Richmond, the county seat of Madison County.
Dinner was hosted by Eastern Kentucky University.
Thursday was filled with a day of visiting Berea, including lunch at Boone Tavern Hotel hosted by Berea College.  
On Thursday evening, Peoples Bank of Madison County entertained the group at a special dinner at the Great Saltpetre Cave in nearby Rockcastle County.
The cave visit and dinner was a very unique experience for everyone
AJ is in the photo above, and I am in the photo below with
 several members of the Japanese Delegation.
A delicious dinner was catered by a local caterer. 
The buffet dinner and tables were set for 100 guests in the
Great Hall of the historic Great Saltpetre Cave.

Berea folk singer Jennifer Rose entertained after dinner with her Appalachian Dulcimer.
A very special tour was led through parts of the cave by volunteer preservationists. 
Saltpetre from this cave was used to make gunpowder during the War of 1812.
After a day of hiking and touring at Natural Bridge State Park and a visit to Madison County's
the farewell dinner and party was sponsored by the Madison County International Committee
on Friday evening.
After a casual BBQ dinner, the Kentuckians and Japanese friends
celebrated with a performance of Bluegrass music and
traditional Appalachian and Japanese dances around the campfire.
Do you see AJ dancing with our Japanese friends in the photo below? 
What a fun and busy week for everyone involved!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Tour Saturday

No, we were not on the annual Berea Arts Council Garden Tour,
but two master gardeners' homes on our little cul-de-sac street were. 
See the circle at the end of our driveway in the photo below?
Every carload of folks visiting the gardens on the tour drove around that circle on Saturday.  
Talk about pressure...
The next door neighbor and I did a bit of sprucing up in our front yards
in preparation for the traffic.
It gave me the motivation to pull out my teapot and teacup planters for my annual planting.
The folks who passed by know this is where the "tea lady" lives.
Our roses were at their peak a couple of weeks ago.
Take a good look at the little garden space below,
 because in a few weeks the weeds will have taken over if GJ ignores it. 
It seems that weeding takes low priority around here with everything else going on.

Thank you for visiting my blog today for my personal little "tea" garden tour.

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