Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding Fun Foods While Traveling

What can a 13 year old boy do on every day he is in New Orleans? 
Eat Beignets, of course!
We arrived on Sunday, dropped our luggage at the hotel and walked to Cafe' du Monde for our daily "fix" of beignets and Cafe au Lait (coffee with hot milk).  The temperatures were in the 90's with 98 percent humidity, too hot for these non-coffee drinkers to drink coffee with our beignets.
  We quickly discovered the frozen and sweetened version of Cafe au Lait.  
We repeated this outing on Monday and Tuesday. 
That's three days in a row if you are counting. :-) 

We have returned home, but I have more fun food adventures to share with you this week.
We love to sample local foods when we travel,
 and New Orleans has tons of fantastic restaurants!


relevanttealeaf said...

New Orleans is a wonderful place to visit. I have relatives in Baton Rouge, so I've visited New Orleans many times. Those Beignets are indeed a culinary delight. I have only made them once - for a New Orleans themed tea party! I'm looking forward to reading more of your New Orleans posts this week!

Sylvia said...

They do look yummy! I've never visited New Orleans, it's certainly on wish list of places to visit!

Bernideen said...

He could be a beignet "expert"!

Steph said...

13, oh my!

jemilyea said...

Mmmmm! This brings back memories. I was in New Orleans at the end of March with my sisters. We almost skipped Cafe' du Monde because of the crowds; I'm so glad we didn't!

Marilyn said...

Beignets, yummmm! It has been many years since we traveled there and had beignets. They look delicious.

Angela McRae said...

I went to New Orleans on my honeymoon and got to eat beignets at Café du Monde. Delicious!


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