Monday, July 9, 2012

Chocolate and More Chocolate!

If you are a chocolate lover, Hershey, PA is the place to visit! 
Upon check-n at the Hotel Hershey, guests receive a Hershey Bar,
your choice of milk or dark chocolate.
Hershey Kisses are left in your room each night, and the dining room offers tons of chocolates, including chocolate bread and chocolate butter! 
In addition, you can choose from a variety of chocolate treatments at the spa.
Below is just one of the many desserts on the menu.  This is a chocolate sampler.
Oh my! 
On Monday afternoon, we visited The Hershey Story Museum.
The museum, located on Chocolate Avenue, is all about
Milton Hershey's great American dream and philanthropic endeavors.

AJ participated in the Chocolate Lab where he molded his own candy bar. 
Here is his finished product.

It was molded in a special Chocolate Lab logo mold. 
Of course, he ate it all.
Then he and I participated in the special Chocolate Tasting at the Cafe Zooka.
We sampled exotic chocolate flavors from around the world. 
What an amazing chocolate experience! 

It reminded me tea tasting.  Some flavors I liked, and some I didn't. 


Patsy said...


racheld said...

You tasted a Tanzanian 75??! My most intense is an occasional 70% bar, which I parcel out sparingly, and then, with maybe six squares left, I make hot fudge sauce for sundaes one night.

I've never taken that trip, but Chris and the children have, and they came back LADEN with everything they didn't eat on the way home. They say the whole city smells wonderful.

Rosemary said...

That chocolate sampler dessert looks like my kind of treat!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I've been cutting down on my chocolate intake lately (I'm a chocoholic) but now ..... I WANT CHOCOLATE!! LOL

I've always heard that Hershey is a fun place to visit. Your post proves that. Looks like so much fun.

Denise said...

what a lovely vacation! I'm so happy you shared the delightful details with us!

Denise of Tulsa, OK

Denise said...

what a lovely vacation! I'm so happy you shared the delightful details with us!

Denise of Tulsa, OK

Marilyn said...

I would love visiting here. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Angela McRae said...

I've never had a hankering to visit Hershey before, but hearing about the hotel makes me want to go!


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