Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony in Portland

I can not imagine a more beautiful setting
 for my introduction to the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
 than in Marilyn's back yard in Portland, OR.
Photo below: Tea blogger friend LaDonna (left)
and Dewey, the leader of the Portland Wu-Wo Tea Group
visit during "tea ware appreciation and friendship time."  This begins
after the participants take their place in a circle and set up their tea sets.
Below: Sally, LaDonna's DIL, in the proper position.
The pretty tea set Marilyn loaned to me (below)
Jan's tea set (above)

Every participant brews the tea she brought.  
Three cups are served to the participants on their left.
One cup is for yourself.
Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a style of tea ceremony with
"no distinction of school or region."
After the ceremony, the members shared
about the teas they each brought to make and serve.
There were 10 participants at this event.    
 The members of the Portland group meet monthly.
After the ceremony snacks brought by each participant were shared. 
If you Google "Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony"
you will find information about this
ceremony which began in Taiwan in 1990.


Rosemary said...

Such a peaceful and beautiful surrounding to experience the Wu Wo Ceremony. How wonderful to be able to share tea among friends, to listen to the birds, to savor tradition, to be grateful for life's gifts. Thank you for sharing.

Joy said...

That looks like a lovely ceremony but I was surely glad to see some people sitting in chairs! When I saw the first person, I thought "knees like mine would not cooperate with this!" so it is good to have another option. :-)

Sylvia said...

What a beautiful yard to have Tea!
I would have to use a chair also since I have bad knees. thanks for sharing I have never heard of this type of Tea Ceremony.

Marilyn said...

I look forward to hosting the Wu-Wo group in my backyard each summer. It was a particular JOY to have Linda and other out of town guests to this special time of tea. Linda, your pictures are very special. Thanks for sharing.

relevanttealeaf said...

Loved being at your Wu-Wo ceremony vicariously. I'm enjoying the posts about the events and adventures on your recent trip.

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like a very heartwarming tea experience!


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