Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scenes from London

The Olympics are over.
The good news is - sleep deprivation should end for
my friends who admitted they stayed up way too late watching TV. 
The sad news is most of us will miss the hoopla from across the Pond,
especially the sights and sounds from London. 
To help with my "London withdrawal" symptoms, I made my morning cuppa
in this beautiful LONDON design mug by Dunoon. 
I purchased this mug a few years ago at Harrod's.
Sipping my Harney and Son Queen Catherine,
a blend of three Chinese black teas,  from this pretty London mug "helps." 


Winifred said...

Love your mug. I'm having the same withdrawal symptoms but it's not quite over yet Linda. They're getting the venues ready for the Paralympics in two weeks time. I'll have the same problem as you then as we'll be in Florida, 6 hours behind British Summertime. I love the Paralympics, can't wait!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Your mug was my Tuesday Cuppa Tea share last week! I love Dunoon! We loved seeing familiar places during the Olympics and had the Union Jack outside for most of the time. Many tears shed around our house when God Save The Queen was played as well as the Star Spangled Banner. But...it's nice to get to bed before midnight for a change!

Marilyn said...

Nice shape to the mug. It would indeed be a fun mug to use for withdrawals. I do believe I need to order some tea from Harney and Sons soon.

La Tea Dah said...

It's a beautiful mug. Interesting how some days are teacup days...and others are mug days. Don't you just need to feel the shape of a mug in your hand on some days? I do.

Enjoy a great rest of the week! Hopefully school is going well --- and your routine is back to normal again.

Angela McRae said...

Here's hoping it "cheers" you up. Cheers!


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