Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tea and Crumpets for Breakfast

I purchased British Style Crumpets
during a quick visit to the new Trader Joe's in Lexington
on Sunday afternoon.
Plain Crumpets (above) and Cinnamon Crumpets (below)
have become a new favorite breakfast for 13 year-old AJ.

I toast them in the toaster oven,
spread a little pure Irish Butter on the warm crumpets,
then add jam to the plain crumpets
and a little cinnamon sugar to the cinnamon crumpets.
Yum!  Yum! 

I found a recipe
in the book
Tea and Crumpets
Recipes and Rituals from European Tearooms and Cafes
by Margaret M. Johnson

but, the Trader Joe's Crumpets are
perfect for a quick breakfast on school days
especially with a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea. 


Sylvia said...

Yum, sounds good, don't believe I've ever had any.

relevanttealeaf said...

I recently watched a You-Tube video on how to make crumpets. But crumpets coming from Trader Joe's would be the next best thing to homemade. I'm making a stop at Trader Joe's today to get some Maple Cookies for my Anne of Green Gables tea party. I'll have to check out the crumpets.

La Tea Dah said...

They sound delicious!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I saw some crumpets at the grocery store recent, this post makes me want to go back and buy them!

I've enjoyed browsing your three blogs! I always enjoy hearing anything about tea time!


Two Cottages And Tea said...

Wish we had a Traders Joe! I've bought crumpets in the freezer section of our local grocery store and with butter and jam very good! Have a wonderful weekend.

Marilyn said...

Now this is my kind of breakfast. Can I come and have breakfast with AJ? How fun! Now I must go to Trader Joe's for sure.

Lavender Cottage said...

I can purchase the Kerry Gold cheddar cheese in our grocery store and although expensive, my absolute favourite! Have never seen the butter.
With all the things I bake, I've never had the desire to make my own crumpets - store bought is all I've ever eaten. :-)
I'll be the cinnamon ones are tasty.

Angela McRae said...

I like to make crumpets myself (hadn't thought of adding cinnamon, yum!), but I am certainly willing to try the ones from Trader Joe's. Thanks for the info!

Susan said...

Trader Joes just opened here ! Thanks for the Crumpet alert !


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