Monday, September 3, 2012

Teenage Boys and TEA

I took AJ and his friend HC to the farm on Saturday to help
with a little work (and play). 
I packed "fixins" for sandwiches
and lots of snacks, but had no soft drinks in the fridge.
We stopped by a gas station quick mart to pick-up
their choice of beverage. 
Out they came with Sweet Lemon Peace Tea! 
A few years ago, teenage boys would have never considered
RTD Tea over a Coke or Mountain Dew.
As my dear Aunt Ida said,
"It's a different world."   


Lavender Cottage said...

Is it the iced tea in the can that attracted them, or the peace symbol? :-) I had to smile when I saw this photo, are we going to revisit the 60's!
Recently we met our nepew's fiancé, who when we discussed music said she loved a group and wondered if I'd ever heard of them. The Beatles. Wish I had photos of my bedroom walls from back then to show her.

Sylvia said...

Teenagers will surprise you!

relevanttealeaf said...

You've had a great influence on them, Linda! Coming out of the store with a can of Ready-To-Drink iced tea was second nature to AJ!

Rosemary said...

Fun picture! Love the Peace Tea can!

racheld said...

Oh, Mine Did!

I remember once in the Smokies---one of those HOT, tired, stood-in-line days of sight-seeing, and we stopped in a 7-11 for something cold to drink. There was a BIG barrel display of Lipton Lemon Tea in cans nestled in ice displayed right at the front of the store.

I think we stopped at every Quik-Stop between there and home, for more of that good cold tea.

Chris and I went tea-shopping yesterday in the POURING rain, and got several kinds: Several boxes of organic Two Leaves and a Bud, and some loose-scoop of Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, and a lovely rich Assam, which we had a pot of (with milk) right after we got into dry clothes at home.

We were supposed to have a Lawn Tea yesterday afternoon, but I'm so glad we postponed it to next weekend, for everything outside is drenched and muddy from the downpour.

W. Latane Barton said...

I am athinking that somebody near and dear is influencing those boys. Good job, Linda.

Karen's Place said...

The boys have your good taste or it is it good marketing? Funny I'm drinking a Lipton peach/apricot iced tea now. Refreshing. Cute post.

Marilyn said...

It is indeed a "different world". I haven't heard of Peace Tea, but I am sure it must be good.

Steph said...

That's cool!

Denise said...

Darling photo!Enjoyed.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I'll have to look for that and give it a try! Fun!


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