Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Tea Gift Idea

 Unlike our Daughter #1, Melissa, the money-saving blogger
at I do NOT begin buying or even planning
my Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. 
(Her shopping and wrapping is done months before the holidays).
However, here we are just a few days BEFORE Thanksgiving,
and reading December issues of some of my favorite women's magazines
inspired me to do a little planning for tea-themed gift-giving to a few friends and neighbors.
I recently received these Blueberry Tea Shortbread Cookies,
by Bis Cot Tea® as part of a gift.
They are very tasty shortbread cookies and come in additional flavors including
Traditional Teatime Shortbread, Chai Tea Shortbread, Rooibos (Red Tea)
Shortbread, Mint Tea Shortbread, and Earl Grey Shortbread
The box I received was purchased at HomeGoods.  
 A small box of cookies and a tin of tea sachets will make
 a great holiday or hostess gift
for several special friends. 


Antiques And Teacups said...

That is indeed a perfect gift for tea loving friends! Wish there were a Home Goods close...

Steph said...

I've had those and they are YUMMY!

Marilyn said...

This does sound so good with tea. I love a little cookie in the house just for me and tea.


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