Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Murchie's Tea Gift and Answers to Readers

After posting about my tea gift of Murchie's 1894 Select Tea on Sunday night, I brewed a pot on Monday morning.
Why not brew it on Sunday night?  Because it is a blend of Assam and Ceylon Black Teas. 
I usually drink something a little more "mild" in the evening with a less caffeine.

Assam Tea, grown in the Assam area of India is most often sold as a "breakfast tea", English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast.  It is a full-bodied, bold black tea, with a malty favor and strong bright burgandy-red color. 

For this Select Tea, Murchie's blended the Assam with a Ceylon black tea, grown in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. 
Ceylon Black Tea is known for it's crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus. 

Yesterday's comments from readers included:

Mom Walds Place: Was it good?
Yes, it is a nice strong black tea reminiscent of teas I have enjoyed in small village English tea rooms where they serve mostly Assam or Ceylon teas.
This cuppa tea brought back a lot of memories!

Marie: likes Irish Breakfast Tea
Marie, you would enjoy this tea, as Assam is sold as an Irish Breakfast tea.

Ruth: loves to visit Murchie's in Victoria, BC
I first learned of Murchie's Teas from a friend who frequents the Victoria shop. I regret we didn't have time to visit that location on our one day tour of Victoria.  I have heard it is delightful.

Angela:  the gift-giver must have known I am a tea purist
Anytime I participate in a Tea Swap, I make it clear that I am allergic to many spices, herbs, and floral additions to tea. 
Rose Hips in most herbals and other blends would send me to the ER. 
You know me well, Angela! 

Note to tea newbies:
There is a little tea education in this post. 
Did you know many teas are named for the location in which they are grown?


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