Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Orleans Rose Teacups

While looking around a favorite consignment shop in Lexington last week,
I found this Royal Standard English Bone China teacup marked Orleans Rose.
It was marked 20% off the $7.50 price. 
I purchased it knowing I had a matching Orleans Rose at home.

I was surprised when I arrived home to discover although the teacups are marked the same,
the shape and design are different.

My question for the teacup experts out there -- is the rounded, wider, cup on the left a teacup,
 and the taller, narrow cup on the right considered to be a coffee cup?

I believe I read that someplace, but I can't remember where? 
Or, is it the just the opposite? 
If you have a resource explaining the different in the shapes of teacups/coffee cups,
I would appreciate knowing where it is. 


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