Friday, April 6, 2012

Miss Julia Novels

I love to read the Miss Julia Novels, a series by Ann B. Ross.
I have read the entire series, and laughed out loud while reading each one.  
Miss Julia is a very active, well-known, fiesty lady in the fictitious town of Abbotsville, NC.
The author lives in Hendersonville, NC,  where we have visited several times.
I pre-ordered the newest book, the 13th in the series,  MISS JULIA TO THE RESCUE
on iBooks.  It arrived on my iPad while we were on spring break.
Oh what fun adventures Miss Julia found herself in this time!!

See my previous post about the Miss Julia Books at the following link
Please let me know if you are a fan of Miss Julia.  I have several friends here who are.

From the author's website:  

To take her mind off the fact that Lloyd is about to move out and Sam is off on a Holy Land tour, Miss Julia undertakes to remodel and redecorate her house. But before she can even pick a color scheme, J.D. Pickens, P.I. goes missing while on his latest investigative job. And an injured man fitting his description is being detained in West Virgina. With Etta Mae in tow, Miss Julia must race to his rescue, tangling in the process with a backwoods, snake-handling sheriff.

Back in Abbotsville, wealthy eccentric Agnes Whitman has returned to town with a following of misfits who are intent, it seems, in converting the naïve young carpenter who works for Julia. She, however, is equally intent on keeping him out of the clutches of people who are covered with tattoos and pierced with pins, bolts and screws from one end to the other.

Miss Julia is one lady who won't waste time watching paint dry--no matter what shade of beige is the latest rage.

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