Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stockpiling Moms in All You Magazine

Our #1 daughter, Melissa, began using coupons to save money so that she could  stay home with her son and not have to return to work.  She had been a high school Family and Consumer Science (Home Ec.) teacher for 11 years before PJ's adoption.   
She taught her friend Shelley, who also adopted two boys, how to coupon and stockpile.
Melissa will forever be a "teacher." 
Now, she and Shelley are teaching many women (and men) across the the USA how to
save money by couponing and stockpiling. 

 Melissa and Shelley have recently been named to a "Saving Stars" panel of bloggers
I am so proud of these two super moms and their great success. 
Check out their blog at:  www.stockpilingmoms.com
The link to their book is in the left column of my blog.

Also note: Melissa was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last October. 
In addition to regular blog posts, she also posts Gluten-Free recipes and money saving tips. 

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