Friday, July 6, 2012

What? Another Afternoon Tea?

Yes, this was the third afternoon tea on this trip
(and we aren't finished, yet.) 
Nancy Reppert told me that afternoon tea is served at The Hershey Pantry on Chocolate Avenue.
I checked their website.  Afternoon Tea is served 2:00 - 5:00, Monday - Saturday.
After GJ's Monday meeting, we went to the Hershey Pantry for Afternoon Tea/Lunch
The tea began with a choice of a cup of minestrone or creamy asparagus soup. 
I forgot to take photos of the delicious soups.

The three tier server was brought to the table with a selection of assorted Tea Sandwiches.
We were served tuna salad sandwiches, a Chicken Salad Wrap and a BLT on a Soft Pretzel Roll.
 Berry Scones were served with a Sweet Cream Cheese.
 Tea desserts were: Raspberry Pies, Mini Key Lime Tarts and a Chocolate Truffle.
The tea selection was from an assortment of tea bags brought with a pot of hot water. 
I ordered Iced Tea and AJ ordered Lemonade. 

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