Monday, January 14, 2013

Berea Coffee and Tea

 A few years ago, AJ discovered flavored coffee. 
He is 13 years old and is required to drink decaf. 
He wanted apple pie and ice cream with coffee this evening, 
so we went to Berea Coffee and Tea, just a few blocks from our home. 

 I ordered TEA.  
The customer selects a tea bag from a variety of Harney and Sons tea bags. 
The water was served very hot in a covered mug, 
with a spoon and a small dish for the tea bag. 
Here is my tea with AJ's caramel-something coffee
in the B C and T mug. 
My tea remained very hot for a long time, 
then very warm to the end.  
I was surprised at the hot temperature of the water 
when it was brought to the table.
And, I was pleased at the taste of the Harney Orange Pekoe 
tea bag as it was perfectly brewed.   


La Tea Dah said...

You've found the perfect place to enjoy the required-by-teens coffee shop. And they serve tea! Awesome!

Rosemary said...

Looks like a fun, casual place! How nice that it's so close!

Angela McRae said...

I love your calling it "caramel-something coffee" -- so funny! And I'm surprised how hot your tea was. Nice they know to give you something to remove the teabag. I was in a Starbucks recently, and in addition to brewing two of their gargantuan teabags at once, they had sandwiched the teabag tags in between two of their cups. Does NO ONE at Starbucks know that teabags need to be removed after steeping? Oh well, good for Berea Coffee and Tea!

monica said...

Berea Coffee and Tea is such a wonderful place! I stopped there while I was driving through to Ohio and I just loved it.

Marilyn said...

What a lovely way to spend time with AJ. Sometimes when I order tea or chai in a coffee type shop I have to make sure they make it hot.


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