Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was PJ's 8th birthday.
We celebrated all weekend in N. KY
Photo above:
Princess KJ, PJ, and AJ,
having lunch at their favorite Cincinnati-area pizza place.
The celebration continued Saturday with games and movies at home,
a family dinner at a nice restaurant,
and a laser tag party for friends on Sunday afternoon.
What a great birthday weekend! 

Please Note: 
In my previous post,
I said I am having difficulty loading photos to my blog.
I had to load these into a Picassa album before I could
post them here. 
I appreciate all your helpful suggestions!
I have spent hours on this today,
and I don't have "hours" to spend on every blog post. 
I pay Google a yearly fee for extra photo space.
I hope this situation will be resolved soon.  


Steph said...

Happy Birthday PJ!

Marilyn said...

Your birthday weekend sounds lovely. I load almost all my photos onto my blog from Picasa and rarely have a problem.

Angela McRae said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet PJ!

Beth said...

Have you tried using Google Chrome as your browser for when you do a post in blogger? (You can still use IE for other things, if you wish).
I had the same problem as you, and it appears many other bloggers have posted about this issue. Using Google Chrome took care of the problem for me. Good luck!


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