Monday, January 28, 2013

Tung Ting Formosa Oolong Tea

several years ago while visiting San Francisco.
It is a family-owned importer and tea shop
located in Chinatown.  I purchased some amazing teas
on that visit, and have ordered from them several times since. 

The tea below is Tung Ting Formosa Oolong.
This was the 2nd tea we drank at my recent Tea Brunch 
with friends, Mary, Lynn, and Patty.  
 This was one of four teas in the "Discovery Collection."  

The Red Blossom Tea Company description says, 
"Our Tung Ting was gathered at a little over 700 meters above sea level, 
in an area outside Lugu, Nantou County.  We source exclusively winter harvested
 leaves for their fragrance and mouth feel.  The tea is then lightly oxidized to
 accentuate its fresh orchid and gardenia notes."

We gave this tea 4 stars. 
(with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest). 
We all enjoyed the Tung Ting very much! 
I would definitely  purchase this formosa oolong again.  


Steph said...

So glad you enjoyed this!

Angela McRae said...

Red Blossom is a new name in tea to me. Thanks for the review!

Marilyn said...

I certainly must put this shop on my list when I visit SF in March. Now I am excited, this sounds just delicious.


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