Friday, February 15, 2013

Orleans Rose Teacups - Same or Different?

It has been a week of celebrating Hearts and Roses
here at Friendship Tea Blog. 
I want to share an interesting observation about
two of the "rose" teacups. 
 Would you say the cup above is a tea cup,
and the cup below is a coffee cup? 
Or, are they are both tea cups? 
 Both of these cup and saucer sets are marked Orleans Rose,
Royal Standard Fine Bone China England 417.
There is an obvious difference in the pattern and shape
of these two cups.  However, the saucers are exactly the same.
Any thoughts or information to help explain why they are marked the same
but are different?
Is it common for a china pattern to issue different shaped
cups?  I have examples of others which are slightly different,
but these are very noticably different in the shape, handle, and rose patterns.


Lavender Cottage said...

Now that is interesting. I have no idea for an answer but am sure one of the tea gals will know. If a teapot and coffee pot have a different shape, maybe the teacups for each would too.

Sylvia said...

They are both pretty and I would drink tea or coffee from both.

Bernideen said...

Over the years, I have had frustrating issues when I do a reorder and suddenly the shape is a little different. Even with Berta Hedstrom which replaced Royal Patrician (Herman Dodge) in my store - they will suddenly move a decal or change a shape. These are American's who private labeled pieces in England and they are made for export only. I sometimes think they may order the shaped plain pieces from China and apply the decals in England. I think there must be a lack of control over what goes on. I couldn't see the bottoms of the pieces but assumed they were the same factory/manufacturer.

GardenofDaisies said...

I know that some potteries (like Royal Albert for example) did make teacups of a particular pattern in different shapes. And also they produced variations on the patterns. I think they must have felt that variety was good... it kept people coming back to buy more. I don't know as much about Royal Standard, but am guessing they may have done the same thing.

You can see examples of the differences in Royal Albert shapes within a pattern Patterns at this web site.

I do not know if Royal Standard has a similar website or not.

Rosemary said...

Can't answer your questions, but I think they are beautiful, and would certainly use both of them for tea!

Beth said...

They are both lovely - as are all of your pretty rose cups. I had fun reading the comments/responses to your question. Ruth from Antiques and Teacups is an expert; wonder if she will have an answer.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Tanya Rachelle said...

Interesting! Maybe they are exhibiting their creativity or the person making them was a little bored that day?!!! ;) Beautiful roses on both! So pretty.

Steph said...

It's a mystery for sure. I hope you find out! I can't offer any insights.

Marilyn said...

I have no idea, but now would be curious too.

relevanttealeaf said...

How interesting! I have no explanation as to the difference in shapes, but the pattern is beautiful!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Most of the potteries made several different versions of the same pattern to appeal to all tastes...even during the same time period. Sometimes the small changes are a worker's slight artistic deifference, but if it's shape, they wanted to appeal to more tastes. Sometimes the same pattenr name was kept but reveived with a totally different take on the pattern. I know Shelley best, and they have the same name given 2 2 patterns but made at different times. Royal Albert definitely did that as well, and I believe Royal Standard did too. Sometimes the difference can be a different way of applying the gold trim or the direction the pattern is turned. It's quite fun to fine variations....

racheld said...

I do believe that teacups have the wider top, for admiring the color and inhaling and savoring all those different lovely aromas.

Coffeecups have traditionally been a bit narrower, with straighter up-and-down sides for the grounds to settle---from the days when all coffee was "boiled."

And from remembering my Mother's (never used, just admired) Chocolate Set, those little cups are straight up-and-down, flat-bottomed little cylinders. (for no reason I know of, but I've always loved the coffeecups in that shape, which became so popular a decade or so ago).

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear LInda,
This has been very interesting. Yes, I have seen the same pattern on different shapes and didn't think too much about it. I also have 2 Orleans teacups from my friend's grandmother's china.
Happy Weekend, Ruthie

janice15 said...

They are pretty both...I love the roses.

Angela McRae said...

Very interesting observation about the shapes, and I enjoyed reading all the comments as well!


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