Sunday, March 24, 2013

Green Smoothie Recipe

We have been drinking healthy Green Smoothies.
This is a recipe AJ learned recently from a speaker at
his middle school career day event.
Coconut Water
Frozen Mango
Frozen Pineapple. 
Now, remember this recipe came from a 13 year old boy
who took notes on his iPhone.
1. Blend a cup of coconut water with a handful of fresh spinach
2.  Add a banana and blend
3. Add a handful of frozen mango and pineapple chunks, and blend again.
Note from Linda:  
I use more coconut water to make it a less frozen consistency.
We also like to add different frozen fruit.
Watch for more of AJ's recipes to be posted here in the future!
FYI:  These are not exotic ingredients, because I was able to
purchase all of them in our small town Walmart.


La Tea Dah said...

This looks so delicious! Our family enjoys green smoothies too. Often we don't have spinach on hand, so we use a head of romaine instead. It's mild, yummy, and also nutritious. A few stalks of celery is good too!

I look forward to AJ's future recipes!

Micupoftea~ said...

SOunds good! Thx for sharing :)

Stockpiling Mom said...


Marilyn said...

This does sound delicious.


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