Monday, April 29, 2013

Airplane Tea

One of  the best things about flying to and from Europe is
that tea is offered as a beverage. 
I should clarify that statement, by saying tea service is the only good thing
about flying internationally! 
Most of the time, on Air France or British Air, tea is brewed and served from a carafe. 
Austin and I had a new (to us) experience on Air France from Rome
when we drank our cups of black tea and discovered an attached tea bag
in the bottom of the cups.
I must confess, we were a bit curious about the metal strip up the inside of the cup
when it was served to us, and while we drank it.
Are you familiar with this type of tea bag attached to the cup?
Do you know what these are or where they might be available,
not that I would ever choose to serve tea this way. :-) 
But it was certainly convenient and eliminated the handling
and disposal of a tea bag.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Babington's Tea Shopping

 Can you tell from our expressions how much we enjoyed our
Cream Tea at Babington's Tea Rooms?
 And, of course, I purchased a tin of Babington's Spcial Blend. 
Their Special Blend "was their first and most famous blend. 
It is a traditional breakfast tea made with Ceylon, Darjeeling and
China teas exclusively produced for Babington's.
Ideal for breakfast, late morning or afternoon tea."
It is one of Babington's most popular teas. 


Our time at Babington's Tea Rooms,
located at Piazza di Spagna in Rome,
was too short, but fortunately we were able to enjoy Cream Tea,
take a few photos, purchase a tin of tea, and relax a bit.
This experience is one of my favorite memories from our
great trip to Rome and Italy. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Babington's Tea Rooms in Rome

During our free afternoon in Rome,
 part of our group chose to walk to the Spanish Steps,
the Piazza Di Spagna.
I knew Babington's Tea Room was located near the Steps,
therefore, my reason for the very long walk!
Babington's English Tea Room was located just to the left of the Spanish Steps.
We told the others we would find our own way to the group meeting place,
 many blocks away, at the designated meeting time. 
 The historic Babington's English Tea Rooms was established in 1893
by Isabel Cargill and Anna Maria Babington. The history of how this tea room
survived two World Wars and the Depression is amazing!

 We orderd the Babington's Cream Tea
Glenn studied the map to be able to walk the long distance through
the city to reach our meeting destination.
Austin was so pleased to have a nice cup of tea!
Cream tea included two scones for each person, a black currant and a plain.
It also included cream and jam, and a pot of tea.
Austin and I orded the Babington's Special Blend Tea.
Glenn ordered decaf tea.
I am so happy my family loves afternoon tea as much as I do. 
Austin said it would not have been a Jennings Family vacation
without afternoon tea.
I just love that boy!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rome - Colosseum and Roman Forum

 We had a very long day in Rome,
just enough to make us want to return!

Oops!  Looks like we didn't take any photos at the Roman Forum
honestly, by that point, I leaned over to Glenn and told
him I had reached my limit seeing "rocks". 
Tea lovers, you must come back for my next post!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rome - Vatican City

We had so many wonderful photos of our visit to the Vatican
I had to choose only a few to share. 
No photography was allowed in the Sistine Chapel.
Our morning on Monday, April 8th included a guided tour of Vatican City,
the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.



 The day in Rome was definintly a highlight of our tour.
We enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe just a few steps from the Vatican.
 My Caprese Salad below was amazing!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Pompeii was very interesting to learn about and to explore.
We had expert tour guides at all sites. 

 Below: Glenn watching the carving of a beautiful cameo.
  Judith, Thomas's mother at lunch
Thomas and Austin


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