Friday, April 19, 2013

Souvlaki, Greek Yoghurt and More

Above: Souvlaki (pork shish kebab)
served with rice and potatoes
(most all meats were served with rice and potatoes)

The menu above lists
Greek Yoghurt with Honey
The honey had a fruity flavor.  It was delicious! 
Below Seasonal fruits
the apple was so very sweet and the kiwi was perfect

Evripos Tea bags from our second Greek hotel
The Blood Oranges and freshly squeezed juice were
in season. 
And, of course all the long lines were at the Ladies WC
Austin found Arizona RTD Tea in Greece
 Below: Breakfast to go

Do these popular children's books look familiar: 


La Tea Dah said...

It's interesting that both rice and potatoes are served with meals in Greece.

I enjoyed seeing all the interesting food selections. Love the tea bag with the Greek text. An interesting addition to your tea collection. :D

Marilyn said...

It is always so fun to experience food and finds when traveling in other parts of the world.

Lavender Cottage said...

I've been reading over your travels and enjoyed the scenery shared and yummy food.
We have a Greek restaurant nearby and often order the pork souvlaki.

Steph said...


Angela McRae said...

Rice *and* potatoes, hmm? That would work for me! And a croissant to go? Interesting idea if you could preserve the flaky crust and the freshness! The books are fun to see, too!


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