Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Herbs in Teacup Planters

 During the past couple of weeks my good tea friends,
Angela at Tea with Friends, and Phyllis at The Relevant Tea Leaf,
have posted about their mint growing in large teapots and teacups. 
It's time for my annual post of herbs and flowers planted in my
teapots and teacups planters. 
This is my third year to plant herbs on my front porch this way.
 If you double-click on the mint above, you will see it is
Kentucky Colonel Mint. 
I just couldn't resist purchasing a mint by that name for my Kentucky garden.
 Just a glimpse of some of our many roses, below. 


Sylvia said...

I love your big teacup planter,Linda, I have one but I have been planting flowers in mine. Maybe next spring I'll plant herbs in it.

Joy said...

I'm inspired by all three of you, I found a teacup planter on sale at Michael's this past weekend so I think I'm going to put some mint in it, too. I already planted some mint in a larger pot, I love that stuff in my iced tea all summer.

Angela McRae said...

Kentucky Colonel Mint? Well, what could be more perfect for you! And I love your roses--just gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

Just beautiful! Each time I see the large teacup planters I wonder why I haven't purchased one. They would be perfect for mint for sure and your planter is so pretty. The roses too are lovely.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

VERY cute, Linda!!

La Tea Dah said...

Just beautiful! So charming and welcoming!

Rosemary said...

Your planters and porch are so colorful with the cheerful teapot planters and the beautiful roses! Love it!

relevanttealeaf said...

Love your teacup planter with Colonel Mint. How appropriate for you! Now you can relax on your porch with a mint julep! ;-)

Steph said...

Perfect and beautiful way to control the mint!

Jeanne said...

Hi Linda, I came over from Rachel's post to say hello. Your mint and herbs look awesome. So do your roses. How lovely to meet you.
xo, Jeanne

GardenOfDaisies said...

LOVE it! I need to get a new teacup planter. The handle just broke on mine. :-(


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