Friday, July 12, 2013

Abigail's Tea Room - Boston Tea Party

is part of the fun experience offered at this great Boston attraction. 

 You may taste five different teas

 The tea tasting opportunity includes some of the same types of teas
thrown overboard on the night of December 16, 1773.
 I hope you can read the descriptions of the teas in these photos. 

These teas are available to purchase in the tea room,
and many more teas are available in the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Shop 

The 1773 Boston Breakfast Tea is the tea Glenn selected to drink in his
Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum souvenir mug. 


Sylvia said...

Looks like a really nice Tea Room. Would love to see more pictures of it.

Lavender Cottage said...

I like the idea of tea tasting, introduces folks to something they may not have tried otherwise.

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful Boston trip. I was thinking Bruce Richardson was involved here and then I read further and it is true. What a nice presentation.

Rosemary said...

This is an interesting way to allow sampling of a variety of tea. Very pretty!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a wonderful tour, Linda, and how fun to have a tea tasting! I have heard of the Boston Tea Party most of my life, having learned about it here in Canadian schools. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


Micupoftea said...

How fun! Thx for sharing these the samovar. Looks like you had a great time :)

Angela McRae said...

OK, you've just given me another addition to my Bucket List!

Maya Harrison said...

Oh Lovely post, great to see these photos and read a little about your experience. We are hoping to go to Boston one of these days. I was looking for information on things to do and I found your blog. What a great blog! I will bookmark it and will read more for sure. Have a great day!


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