Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun Travel to National Parks

We arrived home late yesterday from our last trip of the summer.
We flew from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City, and drove to to Idaho,
in the photo above, Austin's 48th state to visit.  
We drove to West Yellowstone, MT where Glenn and I had
visited about 16 years ago with our younger daughter on a snowmobiling trip. 
 We had previously eaten at the Old Town Cafe, where we stopped for lunch on this trip. 

 We drove through Yellowstone National Park,
 where we saw Geysers, including Old Faithful
 and wildlife along the road. 
 On to the Grand Teton National Park
 with waterfalls and the rolling river, 
 and majestic mountains with a view of glaciers. 
We continued on and stayed at The Lodge at Jackson Hole. 
 The adventurous guys ate bison, elk, and venison at 
What a fun and interesting restaurant! 

During the 10 days on the road, I debated the need to change 
the name of this blog to Family Travels and Tea, or something similar!  
We have returned home, I am sorting though photos from 2 cameras and 3 phones. 
For my tea-loving friends, tea posts are coming!  


Marilyn said...

This was quite a trip. You covered a lot of territory. Love Yellowstone and need to go back. So glad Austin has seen so many states and added to his number. Which state is missing?

Marilyn said...

Living next door in Colorado one would think that I've been to both of these famous places in Wyoming. We were really close to Yellowstone when we went that far north to buy some Holstein cows, not cattle from a ranch! Maybe someday... . It looks like a beautiful place to visit.♥♫

Joy said...

What a fun summer of traveling!

Beth said...

Yellowstone is amazing! I would love to go there again when I can spend a little more time. You and your family have had some wonderful travels this summer!


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