Thursday, August 1, 2013

On To Pike's Peak

 After leaving Bernideen's shop in Colorado Springs, we drove
to the top of Pike's Peak.  It rained as we drove up the mountain
through the clouds,  but stopped  when we drove above the clouds to the top.  
With all the evidence of recent mudslides in the area, we didn't linger on Pike's Peak,
and drove through rain on the way back down,
where it again stopped below the clouds.   


Marilyn said...

All the times I have been in the area, I have never been to the top of Pike's Peak. As a young woman my mother tells me of stories of going to the top, so I always think of her in relation to the mountain.

Angela McRae said...

Now I would had to have gone there too -- glad you didn't get caught in a mudslide!


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