Friday, November 15, 2013

Linda's Brie and Fig Open Faced Tea Sandwich

This is a very easy and tasty open-faced tea sandwich.

Brie and Fig Preserves on French Baguette Slices
1 French Baguette
1 (5 oz. ) Alouette Creme de Brie (no rind)
1 small jar good quality fig preserves (I used Brasswell's)

Slice the baguette thinly, spread with Brie and put approximately 1/4 teaspoon of fig preserves in the middle.  I placed small pieces of canned figs on the preserves for garnish.
I looked for Cranberry Chutney, but didn't find it for this event. 

Note:  For convenience, I purchased a sliced baguette at Panera Bread.
The first time I made these sandwiches for afternoon tea was when Mary and I
traveled to Massillon, Ohio for a gathering of tea friends. 
I needed simple ingredients for a long-distance pot luck tea
and came up with this sandwich.

Link to the November issue of
Kentucky Living Magazine



Bernideen said...

This looks lovely and I am sure tastes the same!

Beth said...

Sounds delicious, Linda. I have been looking for fig preserves/jam in the local grocery stores but so far haven't found any.

Rosemary said...

Such a beautiful sandwich plate full of tasty treats! This one looks easy to do!

racheld said...

One of my absolute favorites! Fig preserves and Brie are just so elegant a way to serve a fruit-and-cheese bite. I've always thought of those old Southern-yard bushes of figs as the most splendid fruit, despite their homey origins.

(And Caro could have supplies you the with most wonderful Cranberry Chutney. And grape. And blueberry, and even pineapple/mango).

We're already planning our little Christmas cookie-swap tea for twelve---probably second Sunday in December. Your most-exquisite tea-stands with those daintiest-of-all beautiful creations are the pinnacle to which we aspire.


Angela McRae said...

The brie and fig sounds like a tasty (and yes, easy) combo. So glad you are sharing all these terrific ideas!


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