Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Day Tea Break

Winter finally came to Kentucky. 
It by-passed us last year as we had no snow or snow days from school.
We have already missed 2 days in 2013, one for ice and one for snow.
I decided to have a cup of tea during the early afternoon on Friday, and asked
13 year-old AJ if he would like a cup, too.
He replied, "yes, oolong, please." 
I had to smile at that.  How many 13 year-old American boys
are going to ask for a cup of oolong tea while in the middle of a
big computer game battle with his school buddies. 
The tea I made for AJ was Harney and Sons Formosa Oolong
See the following information from Harney's website.

About Formosa Oolong

Dry LeavesThis tea is made up of dark brown leaves and stems.
AromaThe aroma has nutty and toasty notes with subdued peach flavors underneath.
Caffeine LevelCaffeinated
BodyThe oolong is medium bodied.
FlavorsSubtle sweet notes of peaches and roasted carrots covered by toasted walnuts.
Brewing Time4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature205° F

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