Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Vintage Aynsley Teacup Trio

I purchased this pretty vintage Aynsley teacup trio recently on eBay.
Every time I see an Aynsley trio, it takes me back to
the tiny village in Kent where I purchased my first Aynsley
 trios (3) and a matching cake plate, in an antique/junk shop
on the town square in May, 2002 while 4 year-old AJ and GJ were
visiting with a couple of English men fishing in a pond.  
When I purchase a vintage teacup like this one,
I often wish I knew the story that comes with it. 
Since I don't knowthis teacup trio's story, we will make our own story
as we share cups of tea with friends in my home,
or perhaps I will give it to a good friend to make their own story. 
As my tea friends know,
every teacup has a story.

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