Friday, February 15, 2013

Orleans Rose Teacups - Same or Different?

It has been a week of celebrating Hearts and Roses
here at Friendship Tea Blog. 
I want to share an interesting observation about
two of the "rose" teacups. 
 Would you say the cup above is a tea cup,
and the cup below is a coffee cup? 
Or, are they are both tea cups? 
 Both of these cup and saucer sets are marked Orleans Rose,
Royal Standard Fine Bone China England 417.
There is an obvious difference in the pattern and shape
of these two cups.  However, the saucers are exactly the same.
Any thoughts or information to help explain why they are marked the same
but are different?
Is it common for a china pattern to issue different shaped
cups?  I have examples of others which are slightly different,
but these are very noticably different in the shape, handle, and rose patterns.


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