Sunday, February 17, 2013

Xin Gong Yi (New Craft) White Tea

The Red Blossom Tea Company description:
"Our Xin Gong Yi white tea was harvested from Fuding County, Fujian Province. 
The hand-picked leaves consist of a bud and single leaf combination. 
The buds contribute florals and texture to the tea,
while the leaves give it complexity. 
Traditional white teas are only oxidized to 5%,
whereas new craft takes oxidation above 30%. 
Resulting in a tea with notes of raisins, dried apricots and roses." 
I have participated in several tea-tasting classes. 
It takes several years of practice and training to become a tea-taster. 
I wish I could say I tasted raisins, dried apricots and roses,
but due to my lack of experience (or lack of tasting skills),
 I did not.
I do, however, know when I taste a tea which pleases my taste buds,
and this one did! 
Mary, Patty, Lynn and I enjoyed this tea. 


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