Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tea Gadget - Tea Bag Buddy

While shopping at Meijer, I found a new tea gadget.
At least, it is new to me.  I'm sorry if one of my tea blogging
friends has already posted it and I don't remember. 
Double click on the photo of the back of the package to see how it works.
I like the idea of securing the tea bag string,
keeping the water how while it is brewing,
squeezing the excess liquid out of the tea bag, if
you are so inclined, and holding the used tea bag.
Now, I can't wait to see the expression on 13-year-old AJ's face
when I pull it out at a local restaurant to use when
brewing tea from their semi-hot water and teabag. 
The Tea Bag Buddy is a Primula product


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