Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Melissa, the #1 daughter has Celiac disease,
therefore, she must eat only gluten free foods.
One of her new favorite sweet treats is
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies.
I made this recipe for my family.
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies 
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Combine ingredients and drop by teaspoonfuls on cookie sheet.
Bake for 8 minutes.
Let cool. 
Note from Linda: 
I rolled teaspoons of the dough into balls and criss-crossed with a fork,
just like a traditional PNB cookie recipe.
I also baked these on a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
These are especially good warm from the oven.
And, are yummy with a nice cup of tea!


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