Friday, April 12, 2013

Hotel by the Sea


 The first hotel where we stayed for three nights was the Hotel London
in Gylfada on the sea south of Athens.

Wednesday Morning in Athens

The 26 students and adults were joined by smaller groups from
N. California and Atlanta.
We all boarded the bus on Wednesday, April 4th,
this was day #3, but our first full day in Greece.
Our tour escort, Elvira,  pointed out sights along the way.
Our first stop was the Olympic Stadium.

Above: William, Nick, Colin, Thomas, and Austin, five of the BCHS students.
 Continuing our bus tour, we arrived at the Acropolis.
Below: Austin and his buddy Thomas.
You may remember my posts of our trip to New Orleans
last summer where we ran into Thomas and his family.
Glenn and I had visited Athens 15 years ago. 
The city's population is about 5.5 million or half the population of Greece.

The weather was beautiful and sunny.
It was also windy in many locations, a little difficult to keep a nice hairstyle!

More about Athens in the next post


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